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Civil Engineering Services

The building community, private industry, and governmental agencies have come to rely upon SIKAND to design quality projects that demand innovative, yet sound, engineering solutions.

A cost-effective solution to a difficult problem is SIKAND’s hallmark. From mountainous slope terrain to land and topography preservation problems, our team continues to enjoy a reputation in the industry for artful and intelligent engineering solutions.

We provide the following services:

Our firm specializes in a comprehensive range of services, seamlessly blending technical expertise with a commitment to sustainable development. From Earthwork Calculations to Water Quality Plans, Sikand Engineering is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of civil engineering. Our team combines seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technology to provide tailored solutions for projects of all scales. Discover a partner in progress with Sikand Engineering, where engineering meets ingenuity to redefine the landscapes of tomorrow.

Earthwork Calculations

Calculating and managing the movement of soil and rock during construction projects.

Erosion Control

Implementing measures to prevent or control erosion, protecting the soil from degradation caused by water or wind.

Flood Control Engineering

Designing structures and systems to manage and control flooding, including levees, dams, and drainage channels.

Flood Plain Studies

Analyzing and mapping areas prone to flooding to inform land-use planning and development decisions.

Freeway On/Off Ramp Plans

Designing plans for the on and off-ramps of freeways, ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow.

Highway Design

Planning and designing highways, including road geometry, intersections, and traffic control devices.

Hillside Grading Design

Designing grading plans for hilly or sloped terrain, ensuring stability and proper water drainage.

Horizontal Control Plans

Establishing horizontal control points to ensure accurate and consistent measurements in surveying and engineering.

Hydraulic Studies

Analyzing the behavior of water flow in hydraulic systems, including rivers, channels, and drainage structures.

Inspection Services

Conducting on-site inspections to ensure construction projects adhere to design specifications and regulations.

Lot Exhibits

Creating exhibits or plans that illustrate the layout and features of individual lots within a development.


Managing and implementing plans to comply with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulations.

Plot Plans

Detailed plans showing the layout of structures, utilities, and other elements on a specific plot of land.

Precise Grading

Focusing on detailed and exact grading plans, ensuring precise contours and elevations in construction projects.

Precise and Rough Grading Plans

Designing plans for both precise and rough grading, specifying the elevation changes and slope modifications in a site.

Reclaimed Water Plans

Designing plans for the use of reclaimed water, often for irrigation or non-potable purposes, in construction projects.

Retaining Wall Design

Designing structures that retain soil, preventing erosion or the movement of earth in areas with elevation changes.


Developing plans for a Site Urban Stormwater Management Program, addressing stormwater runoff in urban environments.


Creating plans for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, outlining measures to prevent pollution from construction activities.

Sanitation Engineering/Lift Stations

Designing systems and structures for the collection and transport of wastewater, including lift stations.

Sewer Master Plans Design

Developing comprehensive plans for sewer systems, considering capacity, routing, and connections.

Signing and Striping Plans

Designing plans for road signs and pavement markings to provide clear guidance and ensure traffic safety.

Site Layouts

Planning the layout of structures, parking, and amenities on a construction site or development.

Storm Drain Map Design

Designing maps that detail stormwater drainage systems, including pipes, channels, and structures.

Storm Drain Master Plans Design

Developing comprehensive plans for stormwater drainage systems to manage runoff effectively.

Street Improvement Plans

Designing plans for the improvement or reconstruction of streets, considering factors like traffic flow and safety.

Street Light Design

Designing plans for street lighting, ensuring proper illumination for safety and visibility.

Street Master Plans Design

Creating comprehensive plans for street networks within a development, considering connectivity and traffic flow.

Utility Research and Plotting

Researching and plotting the locations of utilities, including water, sewer, and electrical lines, for planning and design.

Water Master Plans Design

Developing comprehensive plans for water supply systems, considering sources, distribution, and infrastructure.

Water Quality Plans - LID

Designing plans for water quality management, often incorporating Low Impact Development (LID) practices.

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