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Planning Services

Sikand Engineering, your trusted partner in visionary land planning solutions. At Sikand Engineering, we specialize in an array of planning services, ranging from General Plans to Variance and Conditional Use Permits. Our firm is committed to shaping communities with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. With a team of dedicated professionals, Sikand Engineering transforms ideas into reality, ensuring that each project aligns seamlessly with the unique needs and goals of our clients. Experience the future of land planning with Sikand Engineering – where expertise meets vision for a sustainable and vibrant tomorrow.

We provide the following services:

CEQA Studies

Conducting studies to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act, assessing the environmental impact of projects.

Change of Use

Evaluating and facilitating the transition of a property or space from one designated use to another.

Commercial Site Layout

Planning the arrangement and design of commercial properties to optimize functionality and efficiency.

Comprehensive Land Use Planning

Developing plans that consider various aspects of land use, including residential, commercial, and recreational areas.

EIR Assistance

Providing support for Environmental Impact Reports, which assess the potential environmental effects of a project.

Engineering Feasibility Studies

Assessing the practicality and viability of engineering aspects in a development project.


Securing approvals, permits, or rights from governing bodies to undertake a specific development project.

Feasibility Studies

Evaluating the practicality and likelihood of success for a proposed project, considering economic and technical factors.

Final Subdivision

The final stage of subdividing land, involving the completion of all necessary requirements and approvals.

Haul Routes

Planning and designating routes for the transportation of construction materials or debris during a development project.

Industrial Site Layout

Planning the layout and organization of industrial sites to optimize efficiency and safety.

LEED Consulting

Providing guidance and consulting services related to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Master Plan Development

Creating a comprehensive and flexible plan that guides the development of a larger area or community over an extended period.

Parcel Maps

Maps illustrating the division of land into parcels, often for legal and planning purposes.

Project Entitlements

Securing the necessary approvals and entitlements for a specific development project from regulatory authorities.

Redevelopment Planning

Planning the revitalization or redevelopment of an area to improve economic, social, and environmental conditions.

Street Dedications

Allocating portions of land for public streets and rights-of-way within a development project.

Street Vacations

Abandoning or altering the legal status of public streets or rights-of-way in favor of private development.

Tentative Subdivision Maps

Preliminary maps outlining the proposed layout and design of a subdivision before final approval.

Tract Map Clearances

Obtaining clearances and approvals for the final map of a subdivision, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Urban Development

Planning and managing the development of urban areas, considering infrastructure, housing, and public spaces.

Urban Studies Design

Designing studies focused on the planning and development of urban areas, considering social, economic, and environmental factors.

Utility Company Coordination

Coordinating with utility companies to plan and integrate utility infrastructure into development projects.

Utility Planning and Design

Planning and designing utility infrastructure, including water, sewer, and energy systems, for a development project.

Variance and Conditional Use Permits

Securing permissions to deviate from standard zoning regulations or land-use restrictions for specific project needs.

Zone Changes

Changing the zoning classification of a particular area to accommodate different land uses or development goals.

Zoning Conformance

Ensuring that development plans and projects adhere to the zoning regulations and land-use requirements of the area.

General Plan

A comprehensive, long-term plan that guides the growth and development of a community or region.

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