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Survey Services

Since we began, SIKAND has been forward-thinking in it's adaptation to the survey and mapping requirements of complex engineering projects. SIKAND offers advanced electronic survey capabilities, developed and managed by our highly experienced team.

Regardless of the detail of the plans, field conditions often require flexibility and experience. Our veteran surveyors are well known for being among the best in the industry.

We provide the following services:

Aerial Topographic Mapping

Utilizing aerial imagery to create detailed topographic maps of the Earth's surface.


Aerial photography or imagery capturing views from above, often used for surveying or mapping.


ALTA surveys are detailed land surveys meeting standards set by the American Land Title Association.

Architectural Design Surveys

Surveys specifically tailored for architectural design purposes, ensuring accurate measurements.

Boundary & Cadastral Surveying

Determining and demarcating property boundaries and legal land divisions.


Providing official statements or certifications related to surveying or land-related documentation.

Construction Staking

Marking and identifying positions for construction activities based on survey data.

Control Surveys

Establishing precise reference points or control points for surveying purposes.


The formal dedication of a piece of land for a specific purpose, often for public use.

Easement Mapping

Mapping and documenting easements, which grant specific rights to use someone else's property.

Easement Writing

Drafting legal documents specifying the rights and limitations associated with easements.


Legal rights to use another person's land for a specific purpose without possessing it.

Final Map

A detailed map representing the final approved layout of a subdivision or development project.

G.P.S. Surveys

Surveys using Global Positioning System technology for accurate location data.

Landfill Surveying

Surveying activities related to landfills, including monitoring and mapping.

Legal Descriptions

Precise written descriptions of land boundaries and characteristics for legal purposes.

Linear & Vertical

Surveys focusing on linear (horizontal) and vertical aspects of land features.

Lot Line Adjustments

Modifying property lines within legal limits, often to address boundary disputes.

Lot Mergers

Combining adjacent lots into a single, larger parcel of land.

Parcel Maps

Maps illustrating the division of land into parcels, often for development or sale.


Legal documents transferring one person's interest in a property to another without guarantees.

Record of Survey

A recorded document providing detailed survey information, often required for legal purposes.

Right of Way Mapping

Mapping and documenting the rights of way, which grant passage through another's property.

Sub-Surface Mapping

Mapping features or structures beneath the Earth's surface, often used in geotechnical studies.

Topographic & Boundary Surveys

Surveys combining topographic and boundary data for comprehensive land understanding.

Topographical Surveys

Surveys measuring and mapping the elevation and features of the Earth's surface.

Tract Maps

Maps illustrating the layout and boundaries of a tract of land, often used for subdivisions.

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