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Sikand Engineering Services

•    Earthwork Calculations
•    Erosion Control
•    Erosion Controls
•    Flood Control Engineering
•    Flood Plain Studies
•    Freeway On / Off Ramp Plans
•    Highway Design
•    Hilside Grading Design
•    Horizontal Control Plans
•    Hydraulic Studies
•    Inspection Services
•    Lot Exhibits
•    NPDES
•    Plot Plans
•    Precise and Rough Grading Plans
•    Precise Grading
•    Reclaimed Water Plans
•    Retaining Wall Design
•    Sanitation Engineering/Lift Stations
•    Sewer Master Plans Design
•    Signing and Striping Plans
•    Site Layouts
•    Storm Drain Map Design
•    Storm Drain Master Plans Design
•    Street Improvement Plans
•    Street Light Design
•    Street Master Plans Design
•    SUSMP
•    SWPPP
•    Utility Research and Plotting

•    Water Master Plans Design
•    Water Quality Plans - LID

  • General Plan

  • CEQA Studies

  • Change of Use

  • Commercial Site Layout

  • Comprehensive Land Use Planning

  • EIR Assistance

  • Engineering Feasibility Studies

  • Entitlements

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Final Subdivision

  • Haul Routes

  • Industrial Site Layout

  • LEED Consulting

  • Master Plan Development

  • Parcel Maps

  • Project Entitlements

  • Redevelopment Planning

  • Street Dedications

  • Street Vacations

  • Tentative Subdivision Maps

  • Tract Map Clearances

  • Urban Development

  • Urban Studies Design

  • Utility Company Coordination

  • Utility Planning and Design

  • Variance and Conditional Use Permits

  • Zone Changes

  • Zoning conformance

  • Aerial Topographic Mapping

  • Aerials

  • ALTA’s

  • Architectural Design Surveys

  • Boundary & Cadastral Surveying

  • Certifications

  • Construction Staking

  • Control Surveys

  • Dedications

  • Easement Mapping

  • Easement Writing

  • Easements

  • Final Map

  • G.P.S. Surveys

  • Landfill Surveying

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Linear & Vertical

  • Lot Line Adjustments

  • Lot Mergers

  • Parcel Map

  • Parcel Maps

  • Quitclaims

  • Record of Survey

  • Right of Way Mapping

  • Sub-Surface Mapping

  • Topographic & boundary Surveys

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Tract Maps

Are you in need of unparalleled expertise in civil engineering, surveying, and planning services within the dynamic landscape of Southern California? Look no further than Sikand Engineering — the paramount solution provider redefining excellence in the industry.

Sikand Engineering specializes in a comprehensive array of services meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of projects in the Los Angeles and Southern California area in general. From ensuring structural integrity through civil engineering to providing accurate insights into terrain via meticulous surveying services, our commitment to innovation and precision places us at the forefront of the field.

Planning for the intricate urban landscape of Southern California necessitates a partner with a profound understanding of local dynamics. Recognized as one of the foremost urban planning firms in the region, Sikand Engineering brings unparalleled insight and expertise, seamlessly guiding your project through regulatory frameworks.

In the realm of land surveying, our dedicated team of professionals is adept at handling the intricacies of the Southern California landscape. Whether conducting topographic surveys to comprehend the lay of the land or executing precise construction surveying, Sikand Engineering ensures the utmost accuracy in your project.

In the continually evolving field of environmental planning, Sikand Engineering distinguishes itself as a trusted partner. Recognized among the top planning firms in California, we provide innovative solutions blending development with ecological sustainability.

Whether initiating a new construction venture or seeking advice on zoning and entitlements, we dedicated ourselves to transforming your vision into reality. Sikand Engineering transcends the conventional role of a surveying and mapping company; we function as strategic partners in your progress.

Acknowledged as the preeminent civil engineering firm in Los Angeles, our portfolio of successful projects attests to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We take pride in contributing to the success of Southern California7 civil engineering projects, providing solutions that stand the test of time.

In civil engineering design in Southern California, Sikand Engineering stands as your trusted partner. Melding technical expertise with a profound understanding of the local landscape, we bring a wealth of experience to each project.

With planning and surveying consultants in Southern California committed to your success, the discerning choice is Sikand Engineering. Beyond being a conventional civil engineering and surveying firm, we function as your collaborators in leaving a lasting impact on the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles.

Contact Sikand Engineering now for top-tier civil engineering and surveying services for Southern California. Experience the transformative impact of expertise, innovation, and commitment on your project. Together, let us forge the future of Los Angeles with precision and excellence.





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